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The shop in VARNA with new location!

Dear customers,  We want to inform you that, our shop in Varna is with new location. The...
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Autodistribution International (ADI)

    Through its 22 national partners AUTODISTRIBUTION INTERNATIONAL Ltd. (ADI) represents 500 automotive wholesale businesses weaving a network of more than 2600 wholesale outlets over 31 countries. All of them locally stock and promptly deliver their professional customers whatever part, product, tool or equipment may be needed to keep cars and trucks safe and mobile at all times. Our dedicated people provide the competence, our locations the proximity and our collections the availability to guarantee the high quality service our customers rightly expect.
    It is ADI's core mission to provide support intended to maintain and raise the high standards of that service. Respectful of their different cultures and traditions in which root their specific market environments we bring together people from 31 nations to have them exchange information and improve their methods by learning from each other and by transferring their acquired know-how.
    Our corporate AD signage shows the team spirit in which we operate. Our international manufacturers provide the most competitive high quality range.
   Auto 2000 Ltd. is a member of ADI since April, 2010. Our main purpose is to affirm Auto 2000 LTD as a leading company in the auto parts distribution in Bulgaria, benefitting from the experience and information of the other European companies.
EU coverage

The AD group's core activity is to develop partnerships with outstanding OE parts manufacturers all over Europe and to market their parts in their genuine brand name(s).

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AutoDistribution Garage (Service)

      AD Garage is concept of Auto Distribution International, which  aims to achieve a higher level of cooperation between dealers and garages, leading to better quality of customer service. International Network of AD Garage consists of more than 4,600 garages, constantly striving for perfection, relying on skilled mechanics and to expand the network, giving to customers quick and complete quality service. To control the level of quality on AD Garages, AD International creates own certification-"Authorized Service - Auto Distribution International". The quality and efficiency of service on AD Garage's is the main topic of the concept of ADI. That's why every service is provided by AD garage with 24 months International warranty on service and parts.

AUTO 2000 Offers to participate in it and win:

1. Membership in a European family of AD Services - over 4600 garages across Europe;
2. Preferential prices, delivery and terms of payment of goods purchased from Auto 2000;
3. Online access to the data bases of Auto 2000;
4. Sales and marketing support;
5. Branding of service;
6. Opportunity to implant professional software for managing and controling on serviceng and commercial purposes;
7. Access to technical information issued by Auto Distribution International, which will be of great benefit to your business of providing qualities services;
8. Regular trainings and seminars, including visits in Chief Training Center of ADI in Spain;
9. Certification Eure! Car - Certificate of masterclass;
10. Technical hotline to solve problems arising during the repair (direct link to the training center in Spain);
11. Option to purchase tools and service equipment at discounted prices;
12. Customers of Auto 2000 will be directed to your service;
13. The Garage will be listed in the catalog of AD Garages from Europe and Asia.

Criteria for AD Service


24 months     Authorised Repairer

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